Summer is a time where you get to enjoy your yard to its fullest. From the kids playing outside to great family barbeques, you are going need your garden to look its best during this time. You’ve worked hard on the landscape of your garden and you would like it to last all year round. We have put together a few tips on maintaining your garden during the summer.

Water right

Watering your garden at the right time is essential to having a flourishing garden. Water your garden in the cool mornings and late afternoons instead of when the sun is at its strongest. The water needs to soak into the soil and feed the plants. Watering your garden during hours when the sun is at its hottest will evaporate the water too quickly. Avoid watering your garden at night because you need to give the water time to dry out before sunset to prevent the growth of mildew.


Protect the life in your garden. Some plants are more fragile than others which means that you need to have a strategy on how to protect these plants from harsh sunlight and bugs. For freshly planted flowers try covering them with shade cloths or net curtains to protect them.


Pruning your plants is a good way of keeping the plants healthy and giving them a clean-cut appeal. Different plants need pruning at different times so do your research first or have a professional do it for you