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Our qualified and skilled landscaper is fully trained to install your artificial grass hassle free from start till end, taking full care of your garden at all times.


  • No watering required
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for Pets
  • Child Friendly
  • UV Stabilised
  • Necessary drainage

Artificial grass offers lush green texture and volume to rejuvenate your home aesthetics and increase the value of your property. We are specialists in the supply and installation of artificial or synthetic lawn in South Africa, Cape Town.

It is common knowledge that the South African climate does not allow for all-year round blissful garden, and as major players in the gardening and landscaping industry, we highly recommend the use of artificial grass, and avoid the muddy and horrible garden weeds.

Installation of artificial grass comes with numerous advantages, such as low maintenance. Once installed, all that’s left is to enjoy playing or laying on it, rather than mowing and weeding your garden.

Many people are turning to artificial grass as a solution to their lawn woes. A major benefit is you don’t need to water it like a real lawn would require regular watering. The only time an artificial lawn needs water is when it is time to clean it – which is occasionally.

Artificial lawns are also safe for children; they do not require weed killers, fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals; they are totally safe for any child to play on. Many cities opt for the use of artificial lawns in place of natural grass in public spaces,for this reason.


Guaranteed Quality

Our GUARANTEED QUALITY means always being there to give you the service you demand or the advice you need.

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