Owning your home means taking care of it. Part of this upkeep is maintaining your landscape and curb appeal. Yard work isn’t always an exciting task but it is a necessary one when you want to keep your home looking neat. We’ve put together a list of landscaping ideas to refresh the appeal of your backyard.


Pathways are great additions to your yard as it’s an easy way of connecting different points of interest within the yard. You can use traditional methods like using brick or you can use different alternatives to give your yard a more modern appeal. This can be anything from stepping stones to rubber mulch.

Sculpted shrubs 

This landscaping idea is more traditional. Having sculpted shrubs in your backyard can elevate the aesthetic you want to create in your backyard. Sculpted shrubs need quite a bit of maintenance so consider the work it will take to maintain them before deciding on them.

Grass replacement 

Think about replacing your grass with different substitutes. You don’t need to remove all your grass but think about replacing it with different alternatives in key areas of the yard. Artificial grass in a small backyard requires little to no maintenance and allows you to save money on water. Use gravel and stone in key areas. This looks particularly good next to succulents and will give your backyard a more contemporary, minimalistic look. Ornamental grass is always a good idea as they come in a variety of different shapes and colours. Although this isn’t ideal to walk on they are the perfect addition to your flower beds and next to your pathways.


If you can live without a few flowers in your backyard then go for perennials. You can easily add colour to your garden through a selection of succulents and ornamental grass but if you just have to have flowers then perennials are a good choice. These flowers are sturdier and require less water.


Your landscaping deserves to be seen at all hours of the day. Lighting can be for aesthetic or for practical reasons. Anything from lights to light up your paths to lighting that will showcase your landscaping.