Artificial grass may be low maintenance, but that does not mean there is no maintenance required for this grass; you still want your garden to look presentable. There are a few quick and easy tips for you to use that will keep your grass looking clean and fresh. Read about the tips on how to maintain your artificial grass below:

General maintenance

Artificial grass requires regular general maintenance. The general maintenance consists of sweeping the dust away and rinsing the grass with a hose in order to remove any dirt that has built up during the day. This maintenance can be performed weekly, but daily general maintenance is recommended to keep your grass looking green and lush.


Removing stains

There are a few different ways to remove stains. When getting rid of mild stains such as alcohol, sauce, cooldrink, coffee and so on, make sure to clean it as soon as possible. Dry the area, use a mixture of water and a mild detergent to clean the spill and rinse this mixture away with cool water – it’s as simple as that. Tough stains such as grease ink and oil are slightly more difficult to remove. A normal detergent mixture will not work on these stains, so switch it with mineral spirits and repeat the same rinsing process.


Getting rid of pet waste

Another part of maintaining your artificial grass is to remove pet waste. This is not a difficult task. Any solid pet waste should be left to dry before picking it up, the areas can then be rinsed with a hose. The next task is to clean areas where your pets have urinated. All it takes to clean these areas, and remove the risk of odours, is to rinse the area with some cold water.