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18 Mar 2020

3 Tips on how to maintain artificial grass

Artificial grass may be low maintenance, but that does not mean there is no maintenance required for this grass; you still want your garden to look presentable. There are a few quick and easy tips for you to use that will keep your grass looking clean and fresh. Read about the tips on how to maintain your artificial grass below:

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31 Jan 2020

5 Backyard landscape ideas

Owning your home means taking care of it. Part of this upkeep is maintaining your landscape and curb appeal. Yard work isn’t always an exciting task but it is a necessary one when you want to keep your home looking neat. We’ve put together a list of landscaping ideas to refresh the appeal of your backyard.

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29 Jan 2020

How to maintain your garden during the summer?

Summer is a time where you get to enjoy your yard to its fullest. From the kids playing outside to great family barbeques, you are going need your garden to look its best during this time. You’ve worked hard on the landscape of your garden and you would like it to last all year round. We have put together a few tips on maintaining your garden during the summer.

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21 Jan 2020

Artificial Grass vs. Normal Grass

Clean Cut Garden Specialists are professional servicing landscaping and irrigation services. We are passionate about enhancing your property with pristine landscaping techniques.

Artificial Grass is made out of polyethylene pellets that is made out of a solid consistency and is heated together with a combination of colour tones and ultraviolet additives. The different types of materials in the artificial grass include components such as polypropylene, polyethylene and nylon material.

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21 Oct 2019

5 Benefits of Artificial Grass

Are you tired of taking the time out of your day to mow the lawn? Or are you perhaps spending too much money on fertiliser trying to get your grass to grow? These are questions that many people face when using normal grass. If you’re one of the homeowners still using normal grass, it may be time to replace it with artificial grass. Read below about the various benefits of artificial grass.

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